Preferred Alarms Inc.

  For the last 23 Years, We have installed and provided security solutions to both residential and commercial applications. Our security systems exceeds those of our competitors which allows us to adapt to the daily changes of technology and enables us to maintain a high level of standards. As technology advances so does the equipment which here at Preferred Alarms Inc. we are constantly thriving to adapt to these changes, keep our technicians and staff up to date with the latest and most current technology.

  In this day and age due to the economy more homes and business are being burglarized, our main goal is to provide affordable security solutions to our customers. We base our entire company on customer service. Any company can install a system, but if you do not provide your customers with excellent service, sales, or installs, the customer is not benefiting. Our customers prefer Preferred Alarms Inc. to resolve their security needs and be their main security provider. Our daily goal is to strive for excellence and to provide unbeatable customer service.

On Site Warehouse

  Here are Preferred Alarms Inc. we feel it is necessary to keep products on hand due to the demand of customer's security needs. Our stocked warehouse allows us to better serve our customers. Doesn't matter the size of the job at hand, from a small and simple install to a large and complicated install. We feel having access to a variety of equipment is not just a must, but very crucial to the day to day operations of our company......

Friendly Staff

  Our friendly and trained staff are here to serve you, when was the last time you heard or spoke to your alarm company? Was it difficult calling in to be able to reach a live operator, and after 15 to 20 minutes of playing musical extensions you were answered by an automated service which basically took your message and stated that someone would call you back. And if you were lucky you may have received a return call within 2 to 3 days. " Sound Familiar "...... All of our sales representative's, office staff and technicians are here to answer any of your questions, we feel that our cutomers should be able to feel comfortable in calling into their alarm company. Let me repeat that " THEIR ALARM COMPANY " When our customers call in they know that they can rely and depend on our staff 24/7 to assist them with all their security needs. Our main goal is to provide unbeatable customer service.

"Treat each customer as if they are the only customer we have."

- Erick J. Atienza